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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pray for Gaza

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Assalammualaikum my dear readers.

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote in my blog. It’s amazing how my life keeps getting busier day by day. And I don’t have a single moment to sit and write anything for ESPIRANZA. But today I really need to say something extremely important.

For those who realize, yes this is my first post in English. I’m sorry for my bad English as I’m not a good writer in this language.  


This is an international issue, so I choose to write it in international language. I know that I don’t need to explain more about this issue. Every one of us knows what is happening in Gaza. Every one of us is watching Palestinians who are suffering every second of their lives and who are dying every day.

Honestly, I’ll always stop scrolling when I saw something that could make me sad or stressful but I couldn't help myself to avoid reading and seeing the sad post and images about Gaza. They been tortured and murdered even though they are innocent. How children and women could be terrorists?? You can think, which one is terrorists and which one is a good one.

Media trying make us believe that Palestine were terrorists, they barely talk about Israel violence, they choose the right time to attack Palestine while the whole world is busy and excited about the World Cup. 

But they forget, they attack them during this holy month Ramadhan. It is a month full of blessings, gaining rewards, increasing taqwa and getting highest level of spiritual. Ramadhan also a valuable month when Allah answer our prayers.

There is only one question come into my mind related this issue, WHY IS THE WORLD SO QUIET AS NOTHING IS HAPPENING?! 

I can’t stay quiet and only watching this anymore. But I can’t do anything about this whole situation too! I seriously felt so helpless and useless for not being able to do anything about this except pray for them, donating and banning! 

This is really heartbreaking! They were suffering and surviving to keep living in Gaza while I’m just sitting at my home, eating happily, sleep comfortably and keep complaining about many things. I'm so ashamed of myself.

Where is humanity of this world??

After all we'll just be silenced. Please, open your eyes and brains. Let us speak to change the media who are trying to frame the whole story. Speak! Keep Sharing! Keep increase our awareness about Gaza! Spread the word! Let the world know that truth, show them that we care since we can’t be there to help them. Please, let’s get unite. As long as we unite as one ummah of Islam can make them destroy.

Please pray that the people in Gaza will finally be free from any violence in their lives and for the situation to get better. Pray Allah to grant them the highest level of faith, patience so they can go through all the hardship. May Allah protect and help them to gain victory.

[17:4] And We conveyed to the Children of Israel in the Scripture that, “You will surely cause corruption on the earth twice, and you will surely reach (a degree of) great haughtiness.

[17:5] So when the (time of) promise came for the first of them, We sent against you servants of Ours - those of great military might, and they probed (even) into the homes, and it was a promise fulfilled.

[17:6] Then We gave back to you a return victory over them. And We reinforced you with wealth and sons and made you more numerous in manpower

[17:7] (And said), “If you do good, you do good for yourselves; and if you do evil, (you do it) to yourselves.” Then when the final promise came, (We sent your enemies) to sadden your faces and to enter the temple in Jerusalem, as they entered it the first time, and to destroy what they had taken over with (total) destruction.

(Surah al-Isra, Verse 4-7)


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I was the founder hanaqueen station and also the author of this blog. We offering variety of delicious ready-to-foods and drinks such as Ice Blended, Waffle, Sweet Corn, Fries, Hot Dog Bun and many else


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